The Smart Way to Stay Active and Independent

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The Smart Way to Stay Active and Independent

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More than a modern-day alternative to traditional medical alert systems, the stylish Lifeline Smartwatch is designed to support healthy and active lifestyles. In addition to providing fast and easy access to assistance with the simple press of a button, the Lifeline Smartwatch offers step tracking and heart rate measurement to empower individuals to live their best lives while staying safe and connected.

Product Features

The all-in-one system provides seniors with coverage and support wherever they go – whether to the supermarket or their own backyard.

Automated Voice Prompts: The Smartwatch will notify users when an emergency call is placed, the battery is low, the device is charging, and more.

GPS Location Tracking: The Smartwatch features GPS and Wi-Fi location technology, so we can dispatch help wherever it’s needed.

Waterproof Design: Users can wear the Smartwatch while showering or bathing, but it should not be submerged for extended periods.

Simple, Easy-to-Read Interface: Users navigate with ease and confidence thanks to an intuitive and easily readable interface.

Heart Rate Monitor: Users can quickly and easily check their heart rate to help detect potential changes in health.

Step Tracking: Simple step tracking helps users stay motivated and keep track of their daily progress.

Lifeline Smartwatch | The smart way to stay active and independent.

Lifeline Response Center

With Lifeline’s medical alert service, the seniors in your care are in good hands. We’ve served over 7.5 million people in the past 50 years offering peace of mind to subscribers, seniors, caregivers, and family members, as well as healthcare professionals.

The On the Go mobile solution is designed to find you wherever you need help* and connect you with a Trained Care Specialist.

Available 24/7/365: Our Trained Response Specialists are standing by and ready to take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Professional and Courteous: Our associates receive a high degree of training to handle emergency calls with care, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Personalized Response Plan: Whether a family member, a close friend, or emergency services, our response center will dispatch the help the right help according to a user-defined response plan.

Multilingual: Our Lifeline Response Center supports over 20 languages so users can communicate in the way they feel most comfortable.

A Fast Response Cycle

Help Signaled

Call for Help

As soon as a senior presses their help button, or a fall is detected, they are connected to our North America-based, owned, and operated Response Centers.*

A Reassuring Voice

Hear A Reassuring Voice

A Trained Care Specialist, available 24/7/365, will quickly assess their situation and determine what help to send.

Assistance On the Way

Help is On the Way

Our Trained Care Specialist will dispatch the help needed from a neighbor, family member, or emergency services and will follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

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